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Real Estate Title Services in Florida

Are you an investor in the Florida real estate industry and you want to make sure that all your transactions are secure and money is transferred in a timely manner? All you need to do is contact Rand Title’s Real Estate Title Services and we’ll solve all your title insurance issues. Our Real Estate Title Services firm is renowned throughout the State of Florida because of the high quality of services that we offer our individual and corporate real estate clients. Our title agents are always on standby waiting to assist you identify and buy real property in Miami as well as all the other cities in this state.

Title services for home buyers

Have you been dreaming of owning a luxurious home and you can’t afford to lose it to somebody else? If this is the case, the only way you can be guaranteed of owning that home is by contacting Rand title. We’ll get in contact with the current owner on your behalf and initiate the process of acquiring the home. Contact our Real Estate Title Services firm today.

You don’t need to worry about how you are going to obtain the legal documents for the new home. Our title agents are always waiting to help you obtain all the documents so that you won’t have to deviate from your busy schedule. We’ll even go ahead and verify the authenticity of all these documents so as to ensure that you have a genuine title deed and that nobody can come to claim rights to your home in future.

Once you invest in real estate, our title agents will be there to make sure that you abide by all the government building regulations in that area. This means that you won’t risk being fined or imprisoned as a result of flouting the enacted laws. Our firm will also provide you with title insurance services so that you won’t have to spend extra money in case somebody claims rights to your property.

Title services for realtors and sellers

If you are a realtor or real estate investor in Florida, then there is no way that you can do business without the services of Rand Title. Our major aim is to ensure that the transactions go as smoothly as possible. With our escrow agents, you are guaranteed that you will receive you money in full and without unnecessary delays.

Our legal experts will advice you on how to transact your business without breaking the law. Proof of the high quality and efficiency of our services can be clearly seen from the high number of clients we are currently serving as well as many more seeking our services each day.

Apart from providing title services to real estate professionals, we also offer our services to bankers, mortgage companies and brokerage firms. You can also contact us for title services if you are planning to acquire foreclosed property. Our Real Estate Title Services insurance agents are available 24 hours a day just to make sure that you get title services whenever you need them.

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